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The Global Alliance of Petfood Associations (GAPFA) has collected fact sheets and position statements from around the world and assembled these into a set of Fact Sheets to be used to answer questions principally regarding feeding and nutrition, safety and petfood manufacture.

If using these Fact Sheets, please read "Guidelines for Use" first.

GAPFA Fact Sheets

  Choosing the right food for your pet

  The benefits of commercially prepared pet foods

  Incidence, risk factors & managing obesity in dogs and cats

. The importance of water in your pet's diet

  Can I feed dog food to my cat?

  Nutritional needs of cats and dogs


  History of pet food manufacturing

  How pet food is made

  How pet food is regulated

  The safety of pet food

  Benefits of pet ownership

  Preparing for your pet / General pet care

  Exercise training behaviour

  Veterinary care

  Prepared pet food – the importance of feeding a balanced diet, avoiding

 scraps/garbage & storage

 The Global Alliance of Pet Food Associations (GAPFA) - The global voice of the pet food industry

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