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Folium Drying Ltd
PO Box 32-479, Devonport 0744, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND.
Tel: + 64 21 73 83 66

Contact: Mark Hillier

Folium Drying Ltd

436 Lochheads Road,
Leeston 7683

PO Box 36
Leeston 7656
New Zealand .

Phone:   027 630 1088
Services: Folium Drying grow and process certified organic powders. Historically barley and wheat leaf powders have been used in pet foods for many years and there are many benefits for using these leaf powders as they are a great source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. There is plenty of research that back this up with the benefits.

There are many other leaf powders that could be of interest as flavourings or as a great source of crude fibre, crude protein, Vitamins C and E, amino-acids, chlorophyll, beta-Carotene and essential trace minerals.

Folium Dying Ltd is a B2B supplier and has the ability to grow, process on contract, other organic products that could be of interest.

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