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Mätt Solutions Ltd
PO Box 32-479, Devonport 0744, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND.
Tel: + 64 21 73 83 66

Contact: Bob Olayo

Mätt Solutions Ltd

20 A Avenger Crescent
New Zealand

Phone: 03 5952368
Products & Services:

Improve food quality, reduce waste, and boost your business with the support of Mätt Solutions.

Mätt Solutions is New Zealand's leading provider of food and feed quality and process control instrumentation as well as comprehensive shelf-life testing services. We work alongside our clients to understand your product, identify your unique needs, and suggest a solution that improves quality and longevity.

Our specialty instrumentation covers inline and offline NIR, Water Activity and Moisture Content, Mycotoxin and related kits as well as environmental monitoring solutions such as temperature and humidity loggers.

The importance of food quality cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts both the well-being of individuals and the success of businesses. Our Shelf-Life testing lab has been analysing clients petfood products for over 20 years.

Our extensive range of tests includes meticulous lab-based analysis, sensory and taste evaluations, as well as instrumental testing of crucial indicators such as color change, texture, and water activity. With our expertise and thorough approach, we equip you with the knowledge and insights necessary to achieve superior petfood quality and maximize product longevity.

"Less waste means a greener planet and a better bottom line. It benefits your business to test your product and deliver the very best quality to your customers. Our expertise and support services will deliver results you can trust."

Bob Olayo, Manager

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