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The Benefits of Pet Ownership

Pets have had special relationships with humans throughout recorded history.

The bond that develops between people and their pets creates companionship and fosters a feeling of well-being. Scientists are now studying the physiological and psychological effects of pet ownership and their findings are receiving international attention.

Some of the benefits they have found include:

Pets build healthy family relationships
Children who have pets tend to be more sociable, less selfish and more self-reliant
A family pet can play an important role in building a child's immune system       
Pets keep the elderly more active and healthier
Cats and/or dogs reduce feeling of loneliness or isolation, particularly in the elderly
Owning a pet is soothing, helps relaxation and reduces tension
Pets improve health in a number of ways. Pet owners have lower stress levels, have lower blood pressure, have lower cholesterol levels, are more likely to survive a heart attack and rehabilitate faster from physical or psychological illnesses.

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